Aging Gracefully


By God’s grace, we have attained the status of “Senior Citizens.”  That status brings both blessings and challenges. God has blessed us with experiences, friendships, and loved ones through the years of our lives.  He has, also, challenged us with sudden and/or long-term illnesses and the loss of loved ones. God’s undeserved love to us – GRACE - is the enduring element throughout the years of our lives.

We, along with many of our friends and neighbors are facing challenges related to aging and caring for loved ones facing those challenges. These challenges are uncertain and sometimes difficult to face.  They often require the wisdom and support of others. We, who know the undeserved love and guiding hand of God, are in a privileged position to provide that support.

We meet on the last Thursday afternoon each month from 4:00 – 5:00 in the Grace Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall to educate ourselves regarding issues related to aging and to provide support to each other and to friends and neighbors who may need our support.  The monthly one-hour meetings will open with a devotion by Pastor Wayne Halldorson and feature a 15-20 minute presentation of interest to the group and an open discussion on the topic. Initial topics and presenters will be chosen by the leadership team. Future topics and presenters will be chosen by members of the group.