Pastor Wayne Halldorson was born and raised in Alberta, Canada.  He attended Northwestern College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Martin Luther College. He spent his vicar year of Seminary in Michigan. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. He has a working knowledge of Greek and Hebrew that helps to equip him for study of the Bible in the original languages.

He has spent 16 years of ministry serving congregations in urban Ottawa, Ontario, and a rural congregation in Quebec, Canada. He has served Grace as pastor since August, 2018. He’s an avid apologist and defender of the faith. He loves to teach and preach God’s Word in corporate worship as well as one on one. (Try watching one of the sermons on this website!) He offers counseling and guidance to anyone in our community who needs help. He specializes in helping people through difficult situations. His desire is to help people know Jesus and His Word better.  

Wayne is married to Rachel, his personal supporter and encourager. They have two children, William and Hosanna.

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